Effective Allergen and Smoke Removal in Large Spaces with KJ1500 Germicidal HEPA Air Purifier

Keep large spaces free of allergens and smoke with the KJ1500 Germicidal HEPA Air Purifier. This powerful purifier effectively removes allergens and smoke, thanks to its high purification capacity. As the demand for large-scale air purifiers increases, this model is perfect for providing exclusive air purification in large spaces. With its germicidal HEPA filter, the KJ1500 offers effective allergen and smoke removal, ensuring cleaner air for everyone. Get yours now and enjoy the benefits of clean and fresh air.

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In recent years, the global air purifier market has seen increasing demand for exclusive air purifiers with high purification capacity. The rapid development of the economy and the deterioration of the environment are driving this trend. Rough statistics show that in the global market, the demand for particulate matter above 1500 CADR is far greater than the supply. According to the distribution of CADR value, about 11% of the market demand is below 200, 48% is for 200-800, 23% is for 800-1500, and 18% is above 1500. In the existing market, the supply distribution is about 21% below 200, 65% for 200-800, 12% for 800-1500, and 2% for particles above 1500. This indicates that the market demand for large air purifiers with high CADR values is on the rise.

Weight 29.2 kg
Dimensions 56.5 × 46 × 95 cm
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